February 2nd, 2010 – Istanbul


When you are asked to jump! Do you say ‘how high?’ ….Or do you find yourself pondering what would happen and others would think when you jump?

Years ago, when I was in the early stages of life, mother clearly made a distinction between achievement and success….Months before she had to give in to her tumor.

According to her wisdom; achievement required the best one can be, given all the effort, the education, social graces and experience. Success however, is what others think of you and the things you do.

As the perimeters and definition of success would differ from person to person and culture to culture; Conceptual argument.

Achievement in the mean time, I’d like to agree with mom on this, is the best you can be under given circumstances.

Failure is also a general concept, and unavoidable if one is set out to achieve. Without failures, experiences would not exist.

Are you one of those people that I got to know in this lifetime, who is stuck between ‘things’? The kind where people disregard your existence, without actually killing you?

Keeping you from being yourself, transforming you into shapes ‘they’ would like to see you perform in?

When was the last time, you were accepted, just because it was the actual YOU shining like a star?

When you are successful, that’s an illusion.

When you read the newspaper, the front page writes about failed success stories, though not a huge fan, when you read the sports pages….There are stories of achievements.

Success stories can be discredited or discounted with a few words or actions, however achievements are there to stay, etched in the pages of your own history.

So before questioning or blaming others for things, please ask yourselves…..What are the achievements in your life? School is a good starting point for example. Then move on to your relationships, and work. Family matters also require huge effort to sustain.

If other’s achievements are your success stories somehow, let’s get together and talk things over again.

Stop whining, and stop turning down the hands that are stretched out to you!!!

If sustainability is the key to anything, then those who are mid-night critics, ask yourselves. What have you done lately to sustain something that meant a lot to you? What made you give up?

When did you trust? Who did you trust? When did you give up? And was it worth it?

I gave up a full year, for the person I trust.

I gave up success stories, but kept the achievements with me.

I took a chance.

I took the blow.

I fought for, when necessary.

I traveled, as necessary.


No fear…

No thoughts of what others would think. Just what I believed would have been the greatest achievement of my life.

Ended up as the biggest disappointment of my life.

Though I learned a lot;

I learned that what I was set out to do years back, required more effort and belief than anything else.

I realized what I have achieved to this day, are all mine, and success stories were what I shared publicly. For your own amusement.

What ever I laid to ice, exactly one year ago!!! Now is the time to reclaim it all back. My life, as I knew it….As I know it.

Now, awaiting your achievements, so that we can give a standing ovation for you to feel successful.

You, is again, plural here.


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