Generation Lost – Aylin You Made Me Write This

Generation Lost, I guess I can limit this within a country, or within a borderless planet. 68-78


I would assume, all else had their own bits and pieces here and there. Considering where I was at the time, all born after 1980, I’d have to place you all on a different pedestal…


We as a generation used to love before we moved any forward; a song and if possible a dance with it meant more that your ‘shopping cart’ at the time.


‘Wid Boys’ by Duran Duran defined a whole lot for my male mates back then, when ‘She’s Like the Wind’ made the girlies dream of a modern Cinderella story.


‘Karate Kid’ showed us some things were possible (!!) if we gave our heart to it… And Knight Rider had an armour like there was no tomorrow.

The A-Team managed to save the world in 45 minutes while MacGyver built stuff off his arse.


Dallas and Dynasty prepped us for the real world maybe, but the Muppet Show managed to define the ‘strings’ involved.


Rocky managed to beat them all, Rambo kicked ass… Big in Japan is actually a narcotic term for those who have missed…

When Harry Met Sally most of us were graduating from college, English Patient died in his bed, And Great Expectations, were a book we hated back in high school, but gave a definition to a band named Mono… Go figure.


Annie are you OK, said the men dancing against the gravity to the background of the legend called MJ.


And Sweet Dreams were made of something we did not know of, We Saved the Prayers till the morning after,


İf she could Live to Tell,


Radio Ga Ga was just a dream, before Mr.Karacan broadcasted from London way back when. Unlawfully,


Lady in Red was what we have asked for, while singing Baby Can I hold You Tonight… Hold! Was the key …


Nothing else.


Top Gun to us boys were men with toys, to you ladies men with Ray Bans ☺


Who Wants to Live Forever said the soundtrack of a movie of that time, none of you can answer that even now…


Grace Jones claimed she had seen that face before,


Life is Live was a confusion, while we wondered if Brother Loui was gay. Shit, we did not know of the definition back then


. He was Brother Loui…


Footlose defined the legend in us,


Circle in the Sand was as innocent as a kiss by the beach,


While Touch Me defined the ‘silicon’ to our generation,


Forever Young we always wanted to be under the circumstances I reckon,


Time After Time did not mean much until today,


Celebrate Youth was a bit tad too late in our lives,


If You Go Away belonged to our parents,


We Liked Chopin even, while mama was the on the phone with Telephone Mama,


Falco called Vienna, while we tried to Rock Amedeus, until Jeanny died,


White Nights saved Baryshnikov’s life, while the other guy died tap dancing,


Stars had a War in unknown locations, While Pulp Fictions were written by us,


Road House was a bar we never went to, but Patrick was the bouncer at the door,


to all the clubs we had been in,


Dumb and Dummer we went to school with,


Some Iron Maiden asked us to Run to The Hills, while the iron lady ruled the world,


99 Luft Baloons was what we had for the birthdays,


and holidays were Home Alone,


a Ghost swept by with an unchained Melody


Fame was something we all wanted,


Like a Virgin defined most of you,


And Careless Whisper was a sign of regret,


True Blue was just a color,


It’s a Sin was what you have committed

Rent some of you had paid,


Domino Dancing we never got into,


Somebody was all we wanted but stuck with Master and Servant,


Fantasy was what we were all after,


hence You’ll Never Know by HiGloss,


Hold Me Now said Logan,


while some of you said Self Control,


Black Magic Woman we started to believe in,


And said Those Were The Days my friend,


The Sun Always Shined on TV,


But then again Dirty Cash most of you got into,


La Sagrada Familia was not even an architectural legend to most,


Poison was all we had fro the time being,


While we all Gave Love a Bad Name,


Boat on the River defined some things in our lives,


While Hotel California was burned to its death,


Oh Father Madonna said, we did not know what she was going against, maybe until now,


Eye in the Sky was just a song, not a technology to get scared of,


Tarzan Boy we have danced to,


Pump Up the Jam was revolutionary,


Manic Monday we all had,


And we all Woke You Up Before We Go go,


Kokomo was just a beach,


With an Englishman in NY,

Asking directions to an islander ‘ Could You Be Loved’


Honesty was the key somehow,


Maybe for the Caribbean Queen,


Loverboy we have called him, but he complained:


When the Going Gets Though, Then we Held Out For Hero,


Casue We Were Young,


Love Was a Shield,


But we stayed at the Heartbreak Hotel,


Chris de Burgh was on a Spanish Train, While we Sailed Away,


Midnight Lady showed up on the Ship to Shore ☺,


We have Leaned on Us, while some Stood By Us,


We wore the Sunglasses at Night, Karma Chameleon wore the costumes, Luluby was The Cure,


While Cutting Crew Just Died in your arms,


And we did not Look Any Further,


Mystery of Love was Donna Summer,


Men At Work was just a band,


On the Radio was all we have heard,


Nikita was a Russian spy ☺


Take a Chance on Me was a challenge,


Awaiting to fall to your arms from the Stars Stop! Said some of you, …………


You get the point, just don’t come to me with your daily issues, as you can see, I can manage to keep a log of a whole lot of things ☺))))))

Burak Altunay

August 17, 2010 Istanbul

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