Break the SilencE

One can go for the sound of silence, some might scream their guts out, It all comes down to the same thing at the end I guess.


Some chose to take it one day at a time, others; every day as one… At the end it is all the same…


Choice to believe in something, someone, some place… God even, when all goes bad.


Cheer and fear factor maybe a formula that can be put up on a board, and explained scientifically somehow, but who is taking notes really?


Of the time I spent not writing much, I observed. What’s out there, or at least what’s offered to me as ‘writing material’ is not pretty.


I’d never been the pessimist, those who know me, know this by heart… Others who judge me, you are privileged to do so at your own devices.


Broken marriages, weird relationships, shit on TV, sometimes worse on stage. Other side of the medallion presents over protective parents, money bought relationships, relationships of convenience, relationships of sexual desire.


To most these are the spices of life, which includes me I guess. My spice definitions and specs are a bit different than most I assume…

To some; sorry, if I bring out and somehow show everything that is going downhill in your life, It’s what I do, observe and present… Actually produce on stage, and as in any show, not always the whole audience applause every single act on a given show.


Lives I have touched, people I pissed off, those who stood by, these with questions, them with their own personal problems…


I’d have loved to be the reason for all your issues with life and what It brings along, but I ain’t… Sorry to break the news myself…


When was the last time you valued a drink, or small bites off food with a friend on a sunset? A road-trip maybe? Or a movie, better in a foreign language to you.


Everyone I run into, most that I know and a few that I meet on a daily basis have something to complain about. I thought I was sailing through rough waters, until I met most of you.


Waste of time if you ask me, that I closed myself down for a whole year, after a person who knows of nothing.


Then, I get to meet some of you, in time. Most of you old enough to be a whole a lot, and instead you base your lives on destroying others’ in exchange for your momentary lapses of reasoning’s. What these people seem to forget is that, a mouthful will come back and bite you back in the ass like there’s no tomorrow.


For the whole year I had been observing, I am really curious how some of you even got the jobs you are holding now. Was there ever an advertising or a HR ad that was looking for under-qualified and ‘work-it-to-the-bone’ mentality?


There had been and there will always be people out there who knows more than you and who can perform better than you. ‘kissing yo ass’ will help you keep your position, but sustainability requires more than that.


And if I told you exactly what it was, you’d screw that up too, so spare me. Had been on the road for months, away from most of it, but then again when back… Could not believe the gossip that was going around with me as the Star.


I met people going after change, with their hands tied in the back, I met people with personal complexes drowning them, before they could be use for anyone or anything, I met pets with better personalities than their owners ☺ I met people acting like pets towards other people☺


Some of you won’t even know what I am talking about as you are stuck with your native tongue, hence the expressions in English.


I met people asking to teach the trade, I found myself in situations teaching the trade.


I met people fighting over ‘nothings’ and I met lost souls who cannot even claim what is theirs. One laugh per occasion, and it is always the one who gets to laugh by heart. Never forget that.


One night sex might mean more, and be more passionate, if whom you are supposed to be doing it with is MİA.


‘Full Circle’ is a not an expression I have invented, but I can assure you we all come to that. Don’t believe me? Just ride it out, you’d see ☺


Funny bit is –without naming names here- tend to think I’d make you pay for your actions. Nope! Wrong ☺ You are paying for them already, while I sit down and watch as y’all pass by.


I have much better things to write about on this perfect summer day, however, some of you still manage to amaze the heck out of me. I guess I played it down long enough, and gave some of you opportunities in your own little kingdom.


Stop whining ☺ You are the reason for everything happening to you, nobody else. If you have the courage to share and talk it over with me, well all my info is public enough. Just play it fair, not to get bitten back.


Oh and while we are at it… Stop putting words into my mouth… What I say, is what it is ! You don’t have to agree or like it…


But if you are asking me a question, take the answer as is, not as you’d like it to be.


For those standing by regardless, you know you are important.



Burak Altunay

August 17th, 2010

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